Unlike other wedding photographers and videographers, we always work as a team​​​​​​​. As more than partners in marriage, we come together to offer timeline advice, to guide your time in front of the cameras, and to cohesively edit each moment of your day.

So instead of bouncing between multiple vendors with different creative visions and expectations, you'll have two pros in your back pocket already equipped with seamless communication and complimentary visual style.

Whether you hire us for photos, films, or both, with us on your team, you're guaranteed to walk away​​​​​​​ with priceless, candid, and high-quality keepsakes.

Take one look at our portfolio, and you'll see: We specialize in big, candid emotions.

As people-people at heart, we know how to bring out personalities without forcing moments. And as long-time pros, we'll be sure to guide those natural interactions to look their best. In other words, we're here to give you a little posing guidance when necessary - but you'll never catch us interrupting your day to build our portfolio!​​​​​​​

- katelyn

I think sometimes taking pictures can be stressful but Studio on Main made it so easy and comfortable. It was like hanging out with great friends.

“It was like hanging out with great friends.”

let's do this

We can tell you from experience that once you become a parent, something changes about the way you see your wedding day. And the difference between showing your child a photo of a moment or reliving the experience as you watch your wedding film together is hard to put into words.

That's why we carefully curate the sounds and visuals of your wedding photos and films to highlight your relationships, emotions, and style. So, you can invite future generations to experience the energy of your day through photos and films.

Exactly what you need? We thought so.

After the wedding, you don't want to be left thinking, "What if?"

- sam c.

I loved how my first meeting with Idena felt like getting coffee with one of my best friends.We had a blast. How much they cared about our special day and how they completely went above and beyond for us, especially with the delivery of our videos, flash drive, album, everything.


Our sense of humor is top-notch if we do say so ourselves. Expect to share lots of laughs throughout the day and see those genuine smiles preserved forever in your images.

Family is everything to us, so we love when our couples include kids and/or pets in their big day. Hey - if the Royal Family can do it, so can you!  The unbridled joy and enthusiasm they bring add to the dynamic of your day, making it an even more memorable experience.

We're suckers for Instagram. (No, really - can we follow your dog's Instagram?) We love connecting with our clients through social media to better understand their personalities and priorities.  

Ever seen Maid in Manhattan? Our love story is a lot like that! We met at the Equinox Resort in Machester, VT while working our summer jobs. The customer service skills we learned working at a boutique resort continue to shine through our client experience today!

You can be real with us because we're just like you! We encourage open and transparent communication every step of the way because we actually care about your experience. After all, the real key to having great photos is to have a great party! 


Mike is an expert in finding the humor and energy that resonates with you, while Idena brings the organization and elegance your album needs to shine. 



- Sam c.

They captured every moment so perfectly and our photos tell the perfect story of our wedding day. They put us at ease leading up to the ceremony and were a huge part in setting the right tone as we headed into the cocktails and reception


let's do this


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