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What do you do when the North East of America is stuck in a deep freeze with minus -20F weather? You day dream of your recent trip to Los Cabos of course! About a month or so ago I had the absolute pleasure and joy to travel to Los Cabos with my friend and fellow […]

January 3, 2018

Travel Diary |Mexico Sights and Taste | Los Cabos Destination Wedding Photographer

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  Of all the memories we hold dear to our hearts, the ones we can all agree are the most precious, are those of our family.  While the regular family portrait is probably good enough, I am an active advocate for a more relaxed, journalistic approach to family portraits. For me, there is nothing better than […]

June 14, 2017

Family memories

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““I will love you forever; whatever happens. Till I die and after I die, and when I find my way out of the land of the dead, I’ll drift about forever, all my atoms, till I find you again…”” — The Amber Spyglass By Philip Pullman       These two amazing humans are my […]

January 15, 2016

Tickle time!

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Another year gone and done with. Time is moving by so freakin’ fast lately. I would give anything to make it slow down. I have been trying lately to really slow myself down once in a while. To not care as much about the dishes in the sink and crap piling up everywhere. Its hard. Its […]

January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! …

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You know what absolutely blows my mind sometimes? The fact that not too long ago it was our grandparents that were teaching us about the world. They still do, don’t get me wrong. There is a river of knowledge and wisdom and calmness that only old age gives you. But really, think about it. Everything is […]

December 30, 2015

Technology Blows My Mind

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““Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.” ” — Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of […]

December 29, 2015

Home is where your nose tells you it is

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